Admission Procedure

The rules & regulations of Admission & Transfer of the school

1. The rules of admission will be available on notice board from time to time.
2. At the time of first admission the students will bring the age certificate from corporation/ municipality/ panchyat.
3. The students will bring the transfer certificate from their previous school.

To The Guardian

Proper mentoring of students by teacher and their guardian creates a student with good moral character and values. This is a well orchestrated effort from the Guardian and the teacher. It is our request to the guardians that they shall be in constant touch with the respective class teachers, headmaster & assistant headmaster from time to time and keep a constant vigil to the students with the given below.

1. Are you entering your name, address & signature in the Dairy regularly?
2. Are your boys or girls are coming to school with proper uniform, necessary books, exercise books, pencil or pen at right time. Are they also returning home in right time?
3. Are they doing their homework properly?
4. Are you signing on the progress report?
5. Are you signing on the dairy?
6. Are you paying the annual monthly fees at the proper time?
7. Are you attending the guardian call from the class teachers, headmaster & assistant headmaster or not?
8. Please don’t stand outside the school compound unnecessary and create crowd during school hours. This cause immense problem to the students & the teachers as they feel uncomfortable while entering the school premises.