Academic Session


The Prayer starts at 11:05 a.m. everyday. Everyone should be in this prayer.

The school remains open from 11:15a.m. to 4:55 p.m. everyday & from 11:15 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday. After the long vacation the school is open for full time on that opening day.

School Uniform

1. For Boys: (From classes 5 to class 12) white shirt, white trouser or shorts, white shocks, black shoes or white keds, black belts.
2. For Girls: A) (From classes 5 to class 10) White blouse, white skirts, white socks, black ballerina shoes or white Keds.
B) (Class 11) white Salwar-Kamij, sky coloured Orna & black ballerina.
3. Black sweater in winter.
4. The coloured T-vests are not allowed under the school white shirt.
5. Nobody is allowed to go outside the classroom after the prayer without the permission from the teacher.

The uniform for Physical Education

Boys: (Class 5 to class 8) White sports T-shirts, White socks, White Keds. Do not use the sports T-shirt in the class room, it will be in your bag. It should be worn before physical education class.
Girls: shirt, white skirts, white shocks & white Keds.

School Transport

The school has a dedicated bus seervice owned by the scheel for students. They may also use buses operated by private operators affiliated to the school.

The rules & regulations of the class room

1. Student should sit quiet in the class room. The student should create congenial atmosphere for study and leaning in the classroom.
2. Student must come early in the school before 11:05 a.m. Without giving genuine reasons nobody will be allowed to enter into the school premises after 11:05 AM.
3. Students are not allowed to stand in front of the class or loitering in the corridor.
4. Your Tiffin time starts after 2nd Period & 4th Period respectively. Students are not allowed to go out from the class when the Tiffin period is over.
5. Students are requested to sit in their respective class and sit after the Tiffin period quietly.
6. It will be the duty and responsibility of the student to keep the school clean. Student must use the furniture of school as their home furniture. If any furniture breaks due to mishandling of any student of any particular class, then the whole class must bear the responsibility.
7. Student intends to go outside the school premises must take the permission from head master or assistant headmaster at the school time or at the Tiffin time.
8. You must bring books of each class. Student must bring only the books which will be used in the class or at the library.
9. Students shall not bring any playing equipment to the school without prior permission from physical education teacher. The student must deposit their personal sports equipment to the physical education teacher before attending class while attending any inter school sports competition.
10. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited inside the school complex.
11. Penal action would be initiated against student who won’t abide by the school rule.


1. There will be three summative examinations from class 5 to class 8 apart from Formative evaluation of each student in each class.
2. The numbers achieved by student in physical education & art will be disclosed after the examination from class 5 to class 8.
3. There will be two unit test & an Annual examination of class 9 & 10 respectively.
4. No alternative chances are given to the students who failed to appear in the examination.
5. There will be two examination in the class 11 (half-yearly & annual) & the pre-test & the test examination for class 12.
6. The pass & fail will depend on the rules & regulation of W.B.B.S.E. from class 5 to class 10.
7. The pass & fail will depend on the rules & regulation of H.S. examination for class 11 & 12.
8. There may be interruption of regular class for accommodating students from other school who will be appearing Madhyamik/Higher Secondary or other examination.
9. Cheating/ Marks tampering of any competitive examination by student won’t be tolerated from the school authority. The School authority deserves the right to cancel the paper.
10. It is mandatory for all students to participate in the annual sports & the function of the school (Rabindra - Najrul Jayanti, Independence day, and Sarod utshab etc.)

About monthly fees & certificate

1. The annual fee of each class will be paid at the time of admission.
2. The students who are NOT promoted must pay the annual fee to enter their name in the school.
3. The school batch must be worn with school uniform.
4. The Student must collect the batch the office on Friday.
5. The student of class 5 & 6 must collect it on Saturday.
6. The certificate will be also provided from school on Saturday.

The rules & regulations of Admission & Transfer of the school

1. The rules of admission will be available on notice board from time to time.
2. At the time of first admission the students will bring the age certificate from corporation/ municipality/ panchyat.
3. The students will bring the transfer certificate from their previous school.